Pressure Cleaning

Pressure Cleaning

A clean store front speaks of a company with a commitment to deatils and getting everything right. First impressions are vital to the business world. You don't want to make a bad one by skimping on pressure washing

We understand that you don't want to be paying for a less than acceptable pressure cleaning service. That's why we offer the best pressure washing service in South Florida.

We spend time each month to ensure our staff are trained to the highest standard and are in tune with many cleaning methods; each designed to clean specific materials and stains. Our equipment allows us to wash a multitude of surfaces (sidewalks, curb fronts, brick walls, vinyl fences, stucco buildings, tile roofs) and remove many stains and blemishes (rust, mineral staining, gum, efflorescense, graffiti, insoluble salts).

What our clients say

Usually switching vendors is a hassle but when we transferred everything to ProFi it was not a headache at all. THey made sure that the transitionary period was dealt with and no problems occurred. Their employees are very friendly and are always in uniform, which is important to our residents.

Superior Association Management - Boca Raton, FL

It is my pleasure to recommend ProFi as my preferred vendor. They Currently provide services for approximately 200,000 square feet of light industrial office space in Boca, Raton Fl including porter services, janitorial services, pressure washing and light maintenance work. They are readable available for any new project and there specialists continue to be reliable, professional, and consistent. I am always impressed by Profi and look forward to working with them for many years!

CBRE - Fort Lauderdale, FL

ProFI comes to our properties prepared with daily, weekly, and monthly checklists. Their professional uniforms and name badges give my staff and I a piece of mind. They are reliable, consistent, & very professional. I thoroughly enjoy their quality and communication and how easy is it to get a hold of them. Thanks Profi!

Asset Campus housing - Tallahassee FL

Profi is professionally manager and truly cares about the services they provide. They always check in to see how everything is going and this never happened with my old service. Thank you for your service and we look forward to working with ProFI for years to come!

- Municipal Code Corp - Tallahassee, FL

ProFi is professionally managed and truly cares about the level of service they provide. They check in with us often to see how they are doing and to see what they could be doing better.

Municode - Tallahassee, FL